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My Story

When our son got sick a few years ago with a mysterious digestive illness, I wanted somebody to be able to give us answers. We finally did find answers with a Naturopath in Nashville and I knew then I wanted to help people like she helped us. I can't get my degree as a Naturopathic doctor without moving to Illinois to go to school (which I'm not ready to do just yet), but I found the next best thing with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition's Health Coaching program! I can be a bridge between people and their doctors, I can listen and help with health and dietary issues and help people find their way back to health! I also recently completed my certification with Yoga Teacher's College to be a Breathing Coach. In my work as an SLP I have seen first hand how many people don't breathe properly and how it affects their health. Learning more about breathing has taught me how much learning to breathe properly can help with stress, anxiety, respiratory problems, and overall health!